Summa sidvisningar

måndag 19 februari 2018

Visa och Berätta måndag!!Nr 231.

Varmt  Välkomna till Visa och Berätta måndag!!

Hoppas ni finner något alster ni vill testa och sy!!

Kram från Bambi!!

4 kommentarer:

Miaismine sa...

Very inspiring photos! Yes, I need to use up my jelly rolls - so much fabric, so many ideas, so little time! :)

Julie sa...

It takes so little fabric to whip up a table runner for spring. Yes, as usual Bambi, you are giving me a little nudge for a quick project. I need a small quilting project this week to take along. Hope I can show you by next week. Thanks for the inspiration!

Robin sa...

What fun ideas for using up jelly rolls. Thanks for sharing.

thetoush sa...

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